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  Weddings & Unions

Some of the reasons you DON'T want Rev. Alane to officiate your wedding or service of union

  • You care more about drinking, your clothes, the color of the invitations, and the honeymoon than you do about your ceremony.
  • You want a cookie cutter ceremony.
  • You want an officiant to use the word "obey" in your partner's vows but not in yours.
  • You have a two-year-old you intend to make walk down the aisle unescorted.
  • You want me to pronounce you "Man and Wife".
  • You want me to preach a 20 minute sermon during the service.
  • You want me to do an altar call during the service.
  • You want me to tell your guests they are going to Hell for their beliefs concerning ultimate things.
  • Livestock or other members of the animal kingdom are involved in the ceremony. (I'm really bad at this one.)
  • You want me to talk like the guy in "The Princess Bride". (And this.)
  • You plan to re-enact "The Hangover", "Hangover II", "Shrek" or "Bridesmaids".
  • You really think this isn't going to last but it's too late to turn back now.
  • Your parents will be planning the ceremony with me instead of you.
  • The wedding coordinator is king/queen of the ceremony because they'll make sure everything looks good for the pictures.
  • You don't believe anything religious but want to fake it in the service for the relatives.
  • You plan to write your own vows but deep down you know you're just gonna wing it during the ceremony.

And a couple of reasons you may want to consider me:

  • You want a service reflecting who you are and what you believe in.
  • You care about the words I will say and the words you will say.
  • You are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender.
  • You want to help plan the content of the service.
  • You would like some pre-marital counseling. (An option but not mandatory.)
  • You want advice on writing your own vows.
  • You are of mixed religious or ethnic heritage and want a service reflecting your backgrounds.
  • You are pregnant or already have children.
  • You are already married on paper but want to do it in front of the family and friends this time.
  • You want to feel relaxed during the service and enjoy it.
  • You want your children included in the ceremony.
  • You are confident in your love and your values and want a celebrant who respects that.

I am an ordained and licensed Unitarian Universalist minister but most of my work is with people who are not currently affiliated with any religious organization. I will thoroughly discuss with you your beliefs and values so as to best create a service reflecting them.